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With our Lover’s Collection coats and jackets for women you’ll dress differently and be at the forefront of fashion. Wear them fastened or unfastened, sleeves folded back or rolled up, or even inside out – play with your rebel look. Create your own style – casual or formal, but always original.

Somewhere among our exclusive collection of Unique Piece Handikraft coats, blazers, bomber jackets, and cropped jackets, there’s a handmade design just waiting for you: long, short, tailored or loose-fitting, you choose the design. No two are the same!

If you’re looking for a long jacket in elegant symbiosis with your body, for a light-hearted and natural touch, choose one of our Handikraft women’s coats. A personalized classic.

If you’re searching for an elegant yet rebellious feminine look, try a blazer or be daring and wear one of our cropped jackets, a short jacket that highlights your body and looks perfect with our Eye of Shiva button-fastening at the top.

If you prefer looser garments, with a boyfriend look, the Handikraft bomber jacket is just the thing for you. Made of velvet or a reversible waterproof fabric, it’s a comfortable and bold way to protect yourself from the rain.

Change your look with the personalized touch of our exclusive Handikraft prints. Feel comfortable but, above all, be yourself.