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Our Lover’s Collection sleeveless jackets for both of you are created with daring colours, exclusive prints, and seductive designs for both men and women.

You can wear them fastened or unfastened, with your favourite shirt or over a t-shirt. An essential accessory for any occasion, giving your look that extra subtle touch of style.

Our Unique Piece Handikraft sleeveless jackets are unique one-off pieces, no two have the same design. Made from top quality 100% cotton. Recycled fabrics – over 20 years old. Handsewn in a patchwork style and finished off with handcrafted jewellery details such as the Eyes of Shiva buttons set in silver. Spectacular Mediterranean-inspired handmade works of art.

Complete your wardrobe with one of our exclusive unisex sleeveless jackets. Pick yours in our online shop and share it with your partner.