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Discover our exclusive Lover’s Collection for both of you, loved by men and women alike. Designed for him and her, these pieces are ideal for swapping on any occasion.

This collection offers unique garments fitting both men and women. Original creations, comfortable and elegant, you’ll look great both during the day or at night.

Don’t miss out on our Unique Piece Handikraft, coats, jackets, or sleeveless jackets, all made with 100% cotton recycled materials, over 20 years old. Handsewn using patchwork techniques, they are finished off with exquisite details such as our Eye of Shiva buttons set in silver. These pieces are truly handmade works of art, and suit anyone.

Take your lover’s jacket and wear it to a party or concert. With our Handikraft Freaky or Raja jackets, or our lover’s jacket you’re sure to be the centre of attention at any gathering or happening you go to.

Each lover’s jacket is unique, handsewn by experts creating original and individual designs which adapt to any personality. Find yours in our online shop and share it with your partner.